Important People, Important Places.

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about the local spaces that mean the world to us. Thanks to Covid we have all spent more time than we could have possibly imagined exploring our local woods, trails, parks and outdoor spaces.

A particular green lane which leads to fields, woods, ponds and even some farm animals has always been an important spot for my family. During the last year we have easily walked that way four or more times a week, providing us with a much needed break from our little flat.

My wife often tells me what the lane looked like when she walked it as a child, or I remember the time my sister-in-laws dog dragged me down there at speed. Every Christmas Day we walk as an extended family down the lane and round the ponds to blow off the cobwebs and make some room for Christmas pudding, a tradition I hope we keep up for years to come.

It is these special places that can make images so powerful. Teenagers walking me through their childhood memories climbing trees, toddlers wobbling down a path their parents have been walking for years, older kids running off ahead excited to have a picture stood on their favourite rock, I love sharing it all. While the pictures I take last forever for the families I shoot them for, the stories and connections to the locations have a profound impact on me.

All the pictures I have used in this blog are from our favourite little walk. I have hundreds, maybe even thousands, I'm not even kidding.

So if you've ever fancied a photoshoot with your family and unsure of where you would like it... how about your local unassuming walk? The walk you've done a hundred times, that's full of memories and stories. The walk, which in my humble opinion, after this year will mean even more than before.

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