What To Wear??? *Insert panic here

You've found your photographer, you've booked your shoot, you've gotten all the kids on board... now, what to wear????

Colour... Don't be afraid of it.

Pops of colour can make a photo, things to bare in mind, keep it simple! Block colours are most effective.

Think about the time of year, for example, yellows and navy's go hand in hand with autumn, lights and whites are great for spring.

Matchy Matchy...

Is everyone in coordinating outfits? No??? then don't worry! Simple colours, dark tones, or light tones. You're little one won't wear anything but a Elsa costume?? don't worry, all that matters is that they are comfortable and happy, let me do the rest.

Want to bring your dog??? Go for it!

Our furry family members are more than welcome on our shoots, I'll find a way to capture their best side even if they aren't feeling cooperative.

Think of your surroundings...

Am I meeting you in a wood? will it be muddy?? Wellies and sensible shoes are always a good idea. Especially if we are going exploring.

Speaking of mud, Try not to worry if you get your little one all dressed up and they fall over and get mucky. Its all a sign of a good day out!

A family photoshoot is an opportunity to capture your family in a special moment. If you would like to take that chance to get dressed up and look smart I would encourage you to go for it, How often does the opportunity come around?

My biggest tip... comfy!

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you are comfy and ready for some fun.

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