Your Home : The Perfect Backdrop To Your Newborn, Family Photo Shoot.

A few weeks ago I was invited by new parents, Brittany and Joe, into their lovely home to photograph their gorgeous little girl. I could gush all day about what an honour and a privilege it was.

Baby Beatrice was 8 weeks old when we did our home shoot, and was a complete star from start to finish.

One of the first questions the lovely young couple asked me was… your place or ours??? The answer was easy, yours!

There are so many advantages to doing newborn family sessions at home. I am a natural posing photographer; I am interested in capturing those first tiny details and those important family relationships. There is no better place to do that but the family home, where everyone is in their element, a little more comfortable than a studio setting and with everything a newborn needs to hand. I fondly remember the days of packing up everything and the kitchen sink just to nip to my Mother-in laws for a cuppa.

Another advantage of a home setting is the little details you wouldn’t have in a studio. Personalised gifts, peg board decorations, so many special toys and blankets, and really your whole life, displayed just how you like it.

Disadvantages?? Like most good things there are always a few things to bare in mind… Light! Perhaps the most important factor in my photo sessions. The light in your home is very much out of my control, but there are things I can do to work with what we've got. I much prefer natural light to bringing big flashes and lighting equipment. Not to mention it would be impractical to squeeze all this gear into your living room. I asked Britt for a few pictures of her home, to assess light and space. Identifying the best sources of light to plan the session around.

While I do bring a few bits and bobs, you can’t beat your own keepsakes, family blankets and toys. They make the photos even more meaningful.

Unlike family sessions, my newborn family shoots are not timed. My job is to fit in around these tiny important little people who most definitely come first. Feeding, changes, sleeps, loves.

As a reassurance, I wore two masks, doubled up. Had a couple of breaks outside to give the family some privacy and myself a quick break. All items I brought into their home were sanitised before use and I sanitised my hands frequently. I also reported a negative rapid flow test the morning of the session.

I enjoyed every second of my time photographing Beatrice and her lovely parents. They welcomed me into their home and their little world. It was an utter joy for me to present them with a great gallery which I hope they will treasure for years to come.

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