A Muddy Family Adventure!

Like families, my photo sessions come in all shapes and sizes.

This past weekend it was an utter joy to catch up with the Lemmon family.

Thanks to the wonderful spring downpours, it was a little muddy to say the least.

Nothing a good pair of wellies can't tackle.

I spoke to Michelle about where to hold our family photo adventure, the woods round the corner were a perfect fit for them, for a very special reason. You get a perfect view of Aston Hall Hotel, where she and her husband had been married years before.

These important family milestones echo throughout our lives, and stand to be celebrated.

I read somewhere that displaying your family photos and your family's portrait does wonders for your child self esteem. It says, "I love you, I am proud of our family, I am proud of you"

Such a small gesture that could make a big difference to your child on a subconscious level. Plus, imagine walking past a lovely picture of the people you love most, sounds like the perfect start to every day to me.

The Lemmons are committed to their family, they hold the kind of values you can't help but admire. The support and encouragement they give to Maisie is obvious for all to see; she is a brilliantly clever and passionate little girl.

As always it was a true privilege to capture these happy family moments, I hope these pictures will be making them smile for years to come.