Brand New Little People

Ok, lets talk honestly... one day you're pregnant, feeling huge, knackered and ready to bring this new little person into the world. Then they are here, all of a sudden, and whether its your first or your fifth, your world changes. There will be a thousand big changes for your family, hundreds of little ones for your little one.

This is such an important time for your family, figuring out what life looks like now with this tiny little human in it. No matter what photo session you book with me I want it to be stress free. I can't imagine trying to get the whole family to a studio, without a sick or poo-cident. When, even though you've packed the kitchen sink, you forgot something critical. Which is why all of my sessions take place in your home, surrounded by your things, everything you and your baby needs. Not only is this my secret to capturing beautiful, real images but why all of my lovely families finish sessions smiling.

You know what I regret not doing, taking pictures of my house when my daughter was born...messy bedside tables, the abundance of cards and kind wishes from loving family and friends, all the bits and bobs that pieced together those first few fuzzy weeks. My sessions are designed to capture those angles, the ones you would like to tidy for my arrival, but that you will miss and struggle to remember when your babies are toddlers and your toddlers grow into children who start school.

Rotherham Newborn Detail Photo
Rotherham Newborn Photographer

You are never going to feel more relaxed and happy than in your own home. I find it the perfect setting to capture this important moment in your family's journey. No strict time limits, space for feeding, and a friendly and professional photographer who is also a mother and baby whisperer.

Expecting 2022 or 2023?

Like every choice you make regarding photographing lifes special moments, find a newborn photographer who you would gladly invite into your home to document these precious first moments for your growing family.

I cover areas in Sheffield and Rotherham but will happily travel if I am the right person for you.

So if you are currently growing a tiny person, are holding a band new baby and would like to capture this miraculous time, pop me a message and I would love to help.

And in case you need to read it today, you are brilliant, it takes a village, eat all the snacks... soon you will be stuffing biscuits in the bathroom so the toddler doesn't see.

Sharing a few more... Because how cute is this gorgeous little dude?