“One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in your life is, I think, to have a happy childhood”

An Adventure At Sheffield Botanical Gardens

This is my third family session with the wonderful Ling Family.

Each year we've chosen a brilliant spot, we've had an adventure. We've played, we've been silly and we've captured little Heidi growing.

It's such a privilege, one I will never take for granted.

Your children have their own unique personalities and as a photographer all I want to do is to capture the little details that will preserve this moment in their childhood. And that is exactly what I hope to do for the Ling family.

Joy and Manzi are the most thoughtful and committed parents, and it shows in how kind, thoughtful, clever and happy little Heidi is.

Over the years and the photo sessions, over conversations about car seats, nursery and now SCHOOL!! I have found a very real friend in Joy.

As an adult that feels like a very real gift that my photography has given me. So you can imagine how happy it makes me to be able to share such special images with my lovely friends.

Natural , unfussy and fun,

If you like backdrops and props, I am not your girl. But if you like a walk with a new friend, fellow mum and someone who isn't afraid to look a little silly to make your children happy, then I might be the photographer for you.

Only natural smiles and honest moments here.

Get in touch, pop me an email, message me on socials, lets talk about your kids and how we can make the time to capture this moment, because as they say, time flies.