Happy brides on their wedding day
black and white close up portrait of two brides on their wedding day
happy candid portrait of two brides on their wedding day
a beautiful sunrise over Bashall Barn, wedding morning

A Winter Wedding

A winter wedding, full of warmth.

In that wonderfully chilled moment between Christmas and New Year Kathryn & Abby planned their perfect celebration.

Bashall Barn was a beautiful setting, settled within the stunning Lancashire countryside.

proud mum and auntie during bridal prep, Bashall barn
bridal prep
dads first look, wedding morning

The little touches

There were so many beautiful, personal touches. Items these lovely brides had poured their effort and attention to for weeks. The wonderful flower arch that provided the backdrop to the ceremony. A wonderful installation celebrating loved ones unable to join them. Chair sashes and favours. Everything had been intentionally curated to bring their wedding day dream to life. It was wonderful for a storytelling photographer, to walk around and dream up creative ways to capture these important details.

Windy and Wild day

Do you remember Storm Gerrit? The wild winds that ran through the UK.

Well you can't control the weather can you.

It mean't we had to get creative with wedding portraits, We explored the front of this beautiful venue, as it provided a little shelter from the wind and the rain. It gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the cow shed, which as unconventional as it sounds provided a brilliant setting for this animal loving pair.

A real celebration

When you know your guests pelt out Mr Brightside to a string quartet its going to be a good party. And it really was.

I very quickly discovered how much this wonderful pair love Taylor Swift. It was an absolute joy, I genuinely loved singing along with the happy crowd and celebrating with this stunning couple.

black and white portrait of two brides on their wedding day, Bashall Barns, UK Wedding Photography