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A Family Wedding

To say that this was a family wedding does't really describe it. From the moment I walked into the morning bridal preparations I was family. Not a stranger, not just another wedding supplier, but part of the furniture. I honestly had the best morning, and I can only thank Jess, the brilliant bride and her family and friends for being such a warm and welcoming bunch.

An Autumn wedding

There's no beating around the bush, it was early November, it was chucking it down, it was very much a drizzly autumn day. I set out on the morning to ensure that my photos reflect that. The feeling of a photo can transport you back, and that can be so easily lost in the goal of making everything "light and airy" on a day that was anything but.

What I wanted to capture in this beautiful gallery was a sense of how warm and intimate their day was.

Groom prep in the pub

Is there anything more Yorkshire than starting your wedding day in the pub with some of your favourite people? but your almost wife isn't daft, she leaves you the kids.

A perfect day to start your forever

By 11pm on the 4th November I felt like I knew these guys really, really well. In fact I was pretty gutted that it was all over, for me at least.

This wonderful pair had already built their life, two beautiful children, surrounded by brilliant people, really a wedding was just the icing on the spectacular cake.


Laura photographed our wedding at the beginning of November this year.

From the initial call that we had, I knew she'd be a perfect match. She asked thoughtful questions to unpick exactly what it was the we wanted to see on the photographs of our most special day.

On the morning of the wedding, it took Laura all of approximately 3 minutes to feel like family. She fit into the day seamlessly.

Her expertise was evident, particularly with big group photos where she shepherded groups with kindness and clarity. Then, in the moments of calm with just my husband and I, Laura guided us to just the right position with just the right lighting.

The photographs that I've seen so far are completely beautiful.

Laura somehow makes autumn happen indoors

Laura is incredibly kind, especially talented, and has the patience of a saint. I will recommend Laura for wedding photography to everyone I meet - she is completely wonderful.

black and white portrait of a bride and groom kissing during confetti exit, sheffield wedding

“I belong with you, you belong with me
You're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me
You're my sweet”