Emma & Ash

Elopement - The dictionary defines elopement as "secretly running off and getting married without telling anyone" however the modern definition of elopement is to "forgo a formal wedding celebration" and instead find a path to celebrate your own way, with a small, intimate wedding party.

Hutton-Le-Hole landscape through a tractor
Red ferns at sunset
Ryedale Folk museum tractor

The Story

I wasn't just an excited wedding photographer, as one of the only five people invited to their day, I felt like an honoured guest. I witnessed a rare and special moment between two lovely people, so obviously and completely in love with one another.

The story of their wedding day began in three beautifully identical and perfectly appointed cottages, arranged in a row behind the Crown Pub in Hutton-Le-Hole.

Two sets of parents and a nervously excited bride and groom, all weaving in and out of each cottage, helping each other getting ready and finding their new family feet.

Emma's brilliant dad tying each tie and lovely Minnie the dog padding around. No-one running about, just everyone enjoying the morning together.

Father of the bride tying a tie
Father of the bride fussing the family dog, wedding morning
nervous groom prep
Bridal prep

A Family Day

I can't quite describe the warmth shown to me on the day, but from the moment I turned up and Emma's dad helped me with my parking and made me a cheeky slice of cheese on toast, to being invited to join them for a family dinner at the end of the day, I was welcomed as a part of the family. They set me a place at the table, and joining this newly formed family in their celebration really did make me feel very humble and thankful.

It was clear to me every moment of Emma and Ash's day was filled with loving support from both sets of parents who couldn't do enough to make the day quietly spectacular. Truly a momentous occasion for all to remember.

It was a relaxed day, nothing overly planned or scheduled. Emma was ready without a huge production and made time to include her proud grandma via video call.

Bridal Bouquet
Video calling grandma on the wedding morning
bridal Bouquet
Welcome drink celebration with family at an elopement

Ryedale Folk Museum

Now this is a venue! Beautifully cared for historic buildings sitting snuggly within stunning moorland in the North York Moors. Every single person working at this unique venue was so attentive and welcoming. They really are just the nicest people, exactly the kind of people you want to surround yourself with when organising your wedding day... They didn't even take the mick when I pulled the push door for the third time that day.

Couple kissing at the entrance to ryedale folk museum
Father of the bride walking the bride to the wedding ceremony at ryedale folk museum
Crofters Cottage Ryedale Folk Museum
Crofters cottage at ryedale folk museum

More than that, they really go the extra mile to make your day special. A highlight has to be the crackle of the fire in the centre of the ceremony room, giving the whole room a perfect sense of theatre.

Bride and dad walking down the isle at ryedale folk museum
artistic wedding dress detail in front of a crackling fire
Wedding ceremony at crofters cottage at ryedale folk museum
Bouquet and wedding cake detail
Couple looking lovingly at each other while cutting the cake
Copper tankards cheers
Loving mums after the wedding ceremony
Dad stood in a beautiful ray of light drinking his welcome drink

A beautifully simple celebration.

After this lovely pair said their I do's, and we all shed a few happy tears, Emma & Ash shared a warm fruit punch with their parents and the historic cottage was filled with a wonderful smell of orange. It was such a gentle and unique way to conclude the formal proceedings. Oh and definitely worth a mention, the registrars on the day were two absolutely brilliant ladies, who completely matched the warm and welcoming atmosphere. They conducted one of the most genuine and emotional ceremonies I have ever witnessed.

Proud mum during a wedding ceremony
Wedding cake from the old school house deli and bakery
Wedding cake and detail at ryedale folk museum


There is nothing more perfect than the fact Emma & Ash's wedding cake was made by The Old School House Deli And Bakery in the heart of Hutton-Le-Hole. This was very special and really added to the personal feel of the day. I met the lovely baker as she dropped off the cake and she really had put a lot of thought into anticipating all of the couple's needs. Bless her, popping straight off again to the Deli to see customers. Clearly such a driven and kind local business owner.

Everyone commented on the wonderful cake and how it so seamlessly fit within the aesthetic of the day and, of course, how blooming tasty it was!

Bride and groom walking hand in hand
Bride and groom, wide couple portrait in Hutton-le-hole village
Bride and groom embracing on a bridge in Hutton-le-hole
Bride and groom having a tender moment in Hutton-le-hole


Trust, its an important part of every relationship. Its an important part of the relationship I have with my couples. They trust me to capture these moments, To capture each emotion, no matter how fleeting. To remind them in 50 years time what their wedding day felt like.

Emma and Ash told me repeatedly that they trusted me to guide them on their day and that they wanted to devote time to capturing epic couples portraits. I excitedly prepared for this responsibility and scouted out a few truly stunning locations to encapsulate the natural beauty of the setting they carefully chose. I can honestly say I am so honoured by the trust they placed in me and so proud of the results.

emotional wedding portrait in the north York moors
black and white soft wedding detail between husband and wife
bride kissing groom at sunset in the north York moors
Black and white intimate moment between bride and groom
Bride and groom holding each other down a road between red ferns
Groom leading bride through the ferns in north York moors
gentle moment between bride and groom in red ferns in the north York moors
gentle moment between bride and groom in red ferns in the north York moors

No fuss, just a bit of local cheese

Emma's dad had popped to the shops in the morning, and spied a nice looking selection of cheese and a bit of pork pie, being the generous chap he is, has put on a small spontaneous spread, a little picky platter to put us all on until tea. I joined them, while they had a celebratory drink and a spur of the moment father of the bride speech.

I watched on whilst everyone relaxed into the evening and toasted the happy newly weds.

Bride laughing during her dads wedding speech
dog getting fuss during father of the bride speech
a proud and happy father of the bride

The beginning of married life.

And with that, I was told to hang my camera up and join them at the pub.

I wish I was a more capable writer, That I could describe this day in a way that perfectly encapsulated how it felt. It was beautifully simple and full of emotion and I hope that in years to come Emma & Ash look at their wedding photographs and feel transported, back to the bridge, the ferns, the cottage and the museum. It was literally everything they had dreamed it to be; the perfect way to start their married life.

This was a wedding that focused wholly on the commitment of these two wonderful people, their excitement in embracing this new chapter in their lives was obvious for all to see. Their wedding day was planned to relaxed perfection, with their love entirely at the heart of the proceedings. I will be forever grateful to them for inviting me to share this moment.

Not long until these newly weds embark on their next adventure, raising a brand new member of the family, due in a few short months.

bride kissing her new husband underneath a lamp at night